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Looking After Cockatiels
Cockatiels can make great pets, they grow to be larger than other birds such as canaries and budgies, roughly 12 inches. They make great pets for people who would like a larger bird but don’t ha...
Looking after Pigeons
Although they have a reputation for being dirty and carrying diseases, pigeons can actually make good pets. They have a lot of desirable qualities that can’t be found in other birds. Their homin...
Seed-eater Birds: Mineral Supplements
Seed-eater birds need minerals, especially calcium to have a healthy life. However, seeds don’t have calcium or mineral to fulfill the birds’ needs. So it is necessary to use mineral suppl...
Beyond Seeds: A Balanced Diet for Seed-eater Birds
There are some misconceptions related to the diet of seed-eaters birds. The most dangerous one is the idea that these birds’ should only eat seeds. Seed-eaters are considered the easiest bird...
Birds and parasites
Unlike what happens with dogs and cats, it isn’t common for birds to be attacked by parasites. However, the risk exists, especially for birds kept outside. The regular inspection of the feathers...
Parrots: Body Language
There are two groups of parrots: the “true” parrots, which include budgerigars, macaws and all birds known as parrots, and another group that is formed by Cockatoos and Cockatiels. These l...
Preparing for Mating Season
Breeding birds is probably the ultimate achievement for those animals’ owners. When mating season comes, owners follow their birds even closer so that they can check if the females lay eggs. ...
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