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Tropical Fish Tank – How to Set Up
A tropical fish tank provides home for a lot of different coloured and interesting fish, this guide outlines how to set up a tropical fish tank. A tropical fish tank is much lower maintenance than a m...
Looking After Tropical Fish
Tropical fish are even more sensitive to changes in the water than other fish and arguably the most important aspect of looking after tropical fish is the quality of the water. There are however, othe...
Keeping Tropical Fish in a Tank
How many fish to keep in a tank is a question that many people ask themselves when keeping fish. The general rule to use when you keep fish in a tank is to allow 1 gallon (4.5L) per inch of fish. ...
Top 10: Tropical Sweet Water Fish Species
The fish species you can select for your aquarium need to be suited for the type of environment you choose to have.   Tropical Sweet Water For a beginner, sweet water tanks aren’t a choi...
Aquariums: Types and Shapes
Nowadays, it is extremely easy to find an aquarium that fits your taste; even if you don’t find it, you can always order one that’s customized to your liking. Whether it is made of glass o...
The Nitrogen Cycle – Start Up of a Fish Tank
Cycling the aquarium is the first step, after buying all the equipment, to start up a new aquarium. Without the nitrogen cycle, the aquarium isn’t a safe place for fish. The nitrogen cycle, o...
20 tips to find out whether you’re addicted to fish and aquaria
When it comes to fishkeeping, you usually start out with one fishbowl only, and then you get another one so that you can house that special species you like so much. When fish start reproducing you ca...
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