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Top 5: The Best Lizard Pets
Lizards are becoming more and more popular each day in the pets’ market. The name ‘lizard’ has been used as a synonym for the reptiles’ suborder Lacertilia, which excludes snak...
Facts about Geckos
History The word Gecko comes from the Javanese ge'kok. In fact, geckos are the only lizard able to vocalize, doing clicking and squeaking sounds when socializing. Their name is an imitation of the ...
Scorpion bite: is it poisonous?
The scorpion’s venom actually causes more deaths than the snake’s. In the developing countries, for each death caused by a snake bite there are 10 deaths caused by scorpion bites. The fata...
Reptiles: Skin Shedding
Reptile skin shedding: characteristics and problems Reptiles’ skin shedding is a regular and desirable process that allows them to grow and have their skin renovated. Every single animal sh...
Best Snake Pets
Corn Snake vs. California Kingsnake There are about three thousand species of snakes that vary not only in size, from 10 cm to 9 metres, but also in colour, pattern, shape, etc. Among these there a...
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Top 5: The Best Lizard PetsLizards are becoming more and ...
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Tropical Fish Tank – How to Set UpA tropical fish tank provides ...
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Looking After Tropical FishTropical fish are even more se...
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Looking After CockatielsCockatiels can make great pets...
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