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Interesting Facts About Squirrels
Specie The word “squirrel” comes from skiouros, a Greek word meaning “the shadow tail” (“Skia” means “shadow” and “oura” means “tai...
Guinea Pig: Breeds and Colors
Long-haired Long-haired breeds are not recommended for inexperience owners since it takes a lot of time and dedication to groom the coat. Sometimes owners trim the hair to make the grooming easier...
Gerbil: Squeaks, Dances and other Behaviors
Gerbils are cute rodents, extremely active, that delight their owners with their range of behaviors. Here are some of the most common behaviors in gerbils their meaning. Thumping This is probably ...
Syrian Hamster Types: Different Coat variants: Angora and Rexes
There are different coat variants and among these hamster coat variations there are the: Angora hamsters and Rex hamsters. Both of them are Syrian hamsters. The Syrian hamster can also be in the Lon...
Shrimp: The Recipe to keep them as Pets
Shrimp are great acquisitions for both saltwater and sweet water tanks. They can be an alternative to fish or even share the tank with them. There are about 15 families of shrimps and hundreds of s...
Ferret-proof Your House
It is important to ferret-proof your house to protect your ferret as well as your things. Ferrets are curious animals that love to explore and they use all they have in their favor to do it: paws, ...
Hamster: Common health problems
Hamsters are resistant pets. If they are properly housed and fed with a good diet, they rarely become sick. However, diseases in small rodents can progress very quickly and become fatal in a short per...
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