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Horses: Hot Blood vs. Cold Blood
The horses’ organization into hot, warm and cold blood categories is related to their temper and the type of tasks they are supposed to accomplish. Such categorization does not refer to the hors...
The Body Language of Horses
Horses express themselves through gesticulation and expressions. Communication is the pillar of all relationships, which means that understanding the horse improves the relationship between horse and ...
Funny Laws on Horses
Horses were civilization’s engine until the industrial revolution entered the scene, thus many laws were created envisioning the horse, showing off this animal’s worth in society. Whether ...
Horses: Not all the pastures are safe
It is always more natural and comfortable for the horse to spend his time at the pasture rather than on the stable. However, these terrains may have hidden dangers, especially those related with toxic...
Facts About Horses
Evolution Horses and zebras are part of the same family. In fact, some horses have stripes on the bottom part of their legs and more rarely on their body, for example Sorraia. Horses bel...
Horses: The Most Popular Types
Throughout the centuries, horses have been performing different tasks in various areas: hunt, agriculture, circus and leisure. These jobs don’t require a specific breed, since they can be done b...
Stable Vices
The stable is for horses an artificial environment that deprives them from long walks at the grassland or even napping at the shadow of a tree. However, the stable becomes necessary for horses that pe...
Estimating your horse’s weight
Keeping in mind that an average horse weights 500 kg and that a balance scale is very expensive, it becomes easy to see the importance of an alternative way of weighting a horse. Knowing the weight of...
Emergency kit for horses
A first-aid kit can make a difference when treating an injured horse while you wait for the vet. Therefore, a first-aid kit should have everything you might need on an emergency situation. But it is a...
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