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How to Look after Budgies

Looking After Budgies


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Wednesday, 24 de February 2010
Author: Viva Pets

How to Look after Budgies
Caring For Budgies

Budgies are one of the most common birds to be kept as pets. They are similar to parakeets but smaller, looking after budgies is quite simple which is why they are popular. Budgies have been known to talk and have a vocabulary of around 100 words. This guide outlines the correct way to go about caring for budgies.

Caring For Budgies

•    The first thing to do before you start looking after budgies is to purchase a cage. It needs to large enough to comfortably allow the budgie to hop between perches and move around.

•    Cages will come without any equipment so buy some perches. Try to make them different sizes so that the budgie can get some leg exercises. When caring for budgies you will also need equipment such as a feeder, a water dispenser, a cuttle bone, a mineral block and some high quality budgie food. Things such as a mirror and a bell are good additions to a budgie’s cage. The bars need to close enough so that the bird cannot fit it’s head between them

•    The next step is to find a budgie, caring for budgies is much more rewarding if they like your company so if possible, get one that is finger trained, if not, at least get one that seems to be quite friendly.

•    Supplementing the budgie food with things such as a carrot is a welcome treat. It goes without saying that when caring for budgies, you will need to feed it and water it every day. Correct budgie food consists of seeds available from all pet shops

•    Part of looking after budgies is building up a relationship with them. Take some time each day to play with your budgie and talk to it. The more you do so, the more likely he is to start talking back. Placing a sheet over the cage at night will teach him to be quiet.

•    Putting newspaper in the bottom of the cage will make cleaning up much easier. The budgie’s cage should be cleaned at least once a week, maybe more. The water dispenser and feeder should also be cleaned.

•    Budgies should be kept in rooms that don’t have any drafts, similarly keep the cage away from air conditioning vents. Take care of not to spray anything near the cage and be mindful of the fumes that may come from any cleaning products used in that room.

•    Budgies will need exercise and one of the most fun parts of looking after budgies is letting them out of the cage to stretch their wings. Make sure you shut all the doors and windows while the budgie is loose in the house.


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