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Stop Your Cat Scratching

Cat Scratching


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Wednesday, 24 de February 2010
Author: Vivapets

Stop Your Cat Scratching
A very common sight to behold is a cat scratching furniture; if its not your own then you are not too bothered. However when your cat begins to use your sofa as a scratching post then you will want to do something about your cat’s scratching habits. Cats naturally want to scratch things to mark their territory, sharpen their claws and stretch out their muscles so you cannot eliminate scratching completely; you must redirect the cat’s scratching post from the sofa to something more suitable. 

Cat Scratching Prevention – Top Tips

Buy some scratching posts; place the posts in places your cat likes to be. Cats often like to relax in a sunny window so you could try placing a scratching post there. 
Experiment with different types of scratching posts. If your friends have cats why not borrow one of their posts to see how your cat gets along with it before buying one yourself. 
Keep in mind that cats like scratching posts to be made of different materials with alternative textures; cardboard, carpet or wood. Some cats are even as fussy as preferring a horizontal or vertical cat scratching post. 
If you have a kitten then make sure that you encourage it to use the post. When you see your kitten scratching the post reward him with a treat for good behaviour. 
Many cats scratch more after a nap. When your cat wakes up pay extra attention to him and place him near a scratching post so he can do his worst. 
Do not punish a cat for scratching furniture, it might work while you are in the house but as soon as you leave your cat will tear it to pieces. 
Never let your cat scratch old furniture, it will only confuse him and he will end up scratching the new furniture too. 
Destructive behaviour is the most common cause of cats being given to animal shelters. Make sure that you stop any bad cat scratching behaviour when the cat is young so you do not have to do this to your pet. 
If your cat will not stop scratching things however hard you try then you might want to consult your vet; he may have a good idea to help you out. 
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