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How to Look After Mice

Looking After Mice


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Wednesday, 24 de February 2010
Author: Viva Pets

How to Look After Mice
Looking After Mice

Mice can make fantastic pets for people that have very little room. They are small, surprisingly clever, cheap to buy and very cute. They make great pets for children and adults alike. Caring for mice is quite easy provided you follow a few basic tips. This guide outlines how to go about looking after mice.


Looking After Mice

•    The first thing you need to do before you start looking after mice is to buy a suitable cage. Make sure that it is gnaw proof as mice like to gnaw on everything. It needs to be big enough to allow the mice to run around. Wire cages are better than plastic or glass ones as they allow more airflow for the mice inside.

•    The floor of the cage needs to be covered with suitable bedding. Shredded paper or hardwood shavings is the best bedding for mice. Anything with too much sawdust can cause eye problems, whilst straw can scratch and cedar and pine can be an irritant for mice.

•    It goes without saying that when you are caring for mice they need to be provided with as much fresh water as they need. The drip type bottles that are used by hamsters and rabbits etc. are the best. A small bowl of water is an option but this can get knocked over.

•    The inner cardboard tubes from toilet paper or kitchen towels are an excellent addition to the mice’s cage. The mice will gnaw on these and it will help keep their teeth at a reasonable length. Pieces of wood can be put in for the same purpose and will last longer.

•    An important part of caring for mice is to feed them the correct diet. Make sure that the mice food you use is made for rodents. Pet stores will be able to supply this. Fresh food such as small pieces of apple, salad leaves and other fresh fruits can be used to supplement the mice food and make your mouse’s diet a bit more interesting.

•    Besides playing with you, include a wheel in there so that it can do some exercise and keep busy. Mice are quite intelligent creatures that need mental stimulation. A mouse house is another good way of keeping a mouse entertained, these can either be bought or very simply home made.

•    If you allow the mouse eat food out of your hand, it will come to associate you with something it likes and will increase the bond between you.

•    The average life expectancy for mice is roughly a year so explain to any children that the mice in the cage will not be around forever.

•    Part of looking after mice is to keep them away from cats. A cat can and will kill a mouse very quickly. Mice can get on surprisingly well with dogs however and the dog will often not even bat an eyelid at the mouse’s presence.

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