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Looking After Cockatiels

Caring For Cockatiels


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Thursday, 25 de February 2010
Author: Viva Pets

Looking After Cockatiels

Cockatiels can make great pets, they grow to be larger than other birds such as canaries and budgies, roughly 12 inches. They make great pets for people who would like a larger bird but don’t have lots of time to spare as cockatiels can be left alone for long periods of time and be perfectly happy. Their expected lifespan is 20-25 years old. Caring for cockatiels can be very rewarding and this guide outlines how to go about correctly looking after cockatiels.

Caring For Cockatiels

•    It is important to buy a cockatiel that has a good personality as well as one that is cute and attractive. When you are searching through cockatiels for which one to buy, try and spend some time with each of the birds to establish which one is right for you.

•    You can’t correctly start caring for cockatiels without a suitable cage. The bigger the cage the better, this will result in a happier cockatiel. As cockatiels can get quite big, it will need to be at least two feet tall and have at last two and half feet sq of floor space. To ensure that the cockatiel cannot get out, the bars can be a maximum of three quarters of an inch apart.

•    The cockatiels’ cage needs to have perches in it, made of both cement and wood to ensure the continued good health of the cockatiel’s feet. Making them different sizes will allow the cockatiel to do some feet exercises.

•    The bottom of the cockatiels’ cage should be covered with a substrate like corn cob or recycled paper. Part of looking after cockatiels is to make sure they are properly cleaned and fed at all times.

•    Cockatiels’ food consists of several different things. It is best to have two food dishes in the cage, one of which has a mixture of pellets and seeds whilst the other has a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure that when you are caring for cockatiels that they have plenty of fresh, non-chlorinated water.

•    Cockatiels, like other birds need a cuttlebone to make sure that it can keep it’s beak in good condition.

•    Drastic temperature fluctuations can be harmful to cockatiels. A cockatiel’s cage should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from anywhere that there will be a draft such as a door or air conditioning vent.

•    Caring for cockatiels means that you need to allow them to exercise. They love to spread their wings so keep their cages uncluttered. Allow the birds to fly around your house, if at all possible, provide an outside aviary for them to spend time; this can be very costly but very good for the cockatiel’s health. You can provide a larger water dish to allow them to bathe themselves, if they don’t like to bath, mist their feathers with a water bottle from time to time.

•    Teflon pans give off fumes when cooking with them and these can be very toxic to cockatiels so keep the cage away from the kitchen.


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