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Looking after Pigeons

Caring For Pigeons


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Thursday, 25 de February 2010
Author: Viva Pets

Looking after Pigeons
Looking After Pigeons

Although they have a reputation for being dirty and carrying diseases, pigeons can actually make good pets. They have a lot of desirable qualities that can’t be found in other birds. Their homing instinct and sense of direction means that pigeons can be released to get lots of exercise and activity whilst still finding their way home. Caring for pigeons can be quite easy provided a few basic tips are followed and this guide outlines how to go about looking after pigeons

Caring For Pigeons

•    Pigeons, like all birds need the correct housing. You can either buy a shelter or make one yourself. Homemade cages mean that they can be customised; adding things such as perches and a warm lining will make the pigeon more comfortable. Make sure that any cages are secure from any predators. A good aviary or cage not only provides pigeons with shelter but also a place that they will begin to think of as ‘home’ and will come back time and again.

•    Make sure that pigeons get food on a regular basis; grain type food is the best. Things such as rice, barley and peas etc. will be fine, bird seed can be purchased from most grocery or pet shops and this is also good to use.

•    As with all animals, pigeons need fresh water. Change the water regularly when caring for pigeons. Pigeons drink using suction so they need to be able to stand over the container. Any container can be used but something roughly the diameter of a mug will be sufficient and it needs to be at least an inch deep.

•    Allow a few drops to drip into the container whilst the pigeon is looking so that he can orientate himself. There is a chance that they won’t drink at first because they won’t recognise where the water is.

•    If you have been caring for the pigeons for a while and giving them a good life, there is a very good chance that they now consider the aviary as their home and will return there. After a while of looking after pigeons you can allow the pigeon outside of the aviary to fly. Always leave the aviary door open while they are not there.

•    Keeping the cage clean will make it a more comfortable place to be for the pigeon and it is likely consider it as home. Use newspaper on the floor to make it make cleaning easier.


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