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The worlds smallest dogs !

 Ducky - worlds smallest dogDucky - Smallest dog - Chihuahua

Ducky was the smallest dog ever is a Chihuahua just weighing 1.4 pounds and 4.9 inches tall. Ducky had something to be proud about because the Guinness book of records announced him as the smallest dog in the world. However ducky has now been defeated as boo another Chihuahua who is only 4 inches tall, beating ducky. Ducky is just lighter than boo boo by 0.1 pounds. The worlds smallest dog ever in height was a dwarf Yorkshire terrier who was only 2.8 inches however now boo boo is the world’s smallest dog until another dog appears lighter than him.

Famous EastEnders............


Breed- Tervueren Belgian Shepherd Dog

Actress- Kyte (female)

Kyte arrived on the show in 1994, he came on as the part of Robbies dog, who was rescued by Robbie because he wasn’t being treated well. When Robbie left the show Gus looked after him. Wellard fathered Frieda. Frieda was Grant and Nigel's dog.

Kyte loves doing competitions with her owner and likes to win loads of prizes. She does a lot of work for charity. Her owner takes her to rescue homes to give out the message that dogs need to be homed. Sadly in EastEnders recently, Wellard died but she is still happy with her owner. She had a big part in A Touch of Frost and Kyte has also appeared in the Johnny Vaughan show, 102 Dalmatians and Gladiator, and she even has a pet passport so he can travel abroad and do loads more movies and shows!


Breed- Lhasa Apso (male)


Terrence first appeared on the show when it was janine's 18th birthday  – well, let’s just say Janine wasn’t a very good mum. Terrence was the new glamorous dog on the square. He loves getting pampered.  He loves running. Before he went on EastEnders his name was Casper and then his owners re-named him Terrence. His owners feed him Frankfurters as treats when he is doing his doggy tricks. He was picked for the show because he had a good temper and he had to be a young dog with a full coat. He is still on EastEnders now and he is living back with Janine, maybe she is learning to be a good mother again!


People will do anything to make sure their beauty wins Crufts even if it costs thousands!

Not that long ago, no one had even heard of doggy braces, so why are so many more pet owners giving their dogs 'metal mouths'?

Some vets believe a lot of health problems can be linked to wonky teeth! Also some dogs are not born with a perfect bite! Which may affect them eating their doggy treats!!

Have you ever seen a dog with braces?

dog with braces

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