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Archive for November 2007

Vote for Pet of the Week, new treats, ratings and much more!
Voting for Pet of the Week
Every week a group of the coolest petsites will be automatically selected to be up for voting. The selection is automatic and based on several aspects, like received comments, photos, treats, pageviews, amongst other factors (the total recipe is a secret), to make the group as diversified as possible.

To vote you just have to visit the page and choose your favorite pet! Whoever gets more votes wins. Only one vote per pet is allowed (no rigging here), after winning once, it can’t run again.

This week’s voting is already open, vote here!

To remember our departed animal friends we made a special petsite, the memorial. This petsite has a different design that allows it to be easily distinguish amongst other petsites and a special category in the gallery where all are displayed.
The petsites that were created in the past with this goal can be easily updated. All you have to do is click “Edit” in the petsite and then browse the tab “preferences”. After that, check the field “This is a memorial petsite”. If you’re starting from scratch, just signal the field on the first page. Visit the memorial gallery.

Here are the three latest treats for treat lovers: the “wise”, to distinguish the wise “owls” of Vivapets; the “schmooze”, to say that that special hello in the morning; and the “luck”, to wish good-luck or “get better” to those that need it.

Looney! The new special award
Who doesn’t know that crazy rambunctious, clumsy, electric pet! ...that runs, flies, crawls everywhere and leaves everything as if a hurricane passed by? Dogs, cats and who knows that lively iguana or hiper-active hamster? It doesn’t matter, there’s always a Looney waiting for this special award in Vivapets... Visit the shop!

All photos and videos now have a voting system. You just have to roll the mouse over the set of stars next to the photos and choose a classification between 1 and 5.

So that it never goes unnoticed, the birthday of our friends is going to be loudly announced. When we are a week from the party day, an image, updated daily, will appear on the petsite indicating how long we are from the birthday. When the date reaches, the image will reveal to all that it is time to sing: “Happy birthday to you!”... and whose birthday is it today?  

As always, we look forward to hear your comments about the news.
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