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This arrived in my inbox this morning!

How to tell if your feet stink. Keep on scrolling down. 

Because I want you to get checked out to make sure you're healthy and will be around longer ..


Then Scroll Down




Scroll Down

 are now complete!! couldn't resist... 

Do you feel like working today?

  • Tomorrow? 
  • The day after?
  • Next week?
  • Next Month?
  • Me neither! 

    I just want to party!


    ....have a GREAT Day!!!


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Advent calendar for dogs!

Pet Planet  on of the UK's largest online pet stores, is really getting into the Christmas spirit this year!

Let your dog or cat enjoy the run up to Christmas with there very own pet advent calendar, full of daily treats!

Each day is filled with a solid chocolate with a paw print track in the centre. The chocolate is formulated especially for dogs so they can enjoy them without you worrying. The cat calendar has in each day, a catnip drop or milk drop to help to get cat into the festive fun.

Extreeme Sheep Herding!


Adopt A Puppy This Christmas!

Help support a puppy through its training to help someone with disabilities for just £1 a week!

November 2009:  Canine Partners (Registered Charity No. 803680), who provide specially trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities, is encouraging those who like to give to charity to consider its Adopt a Puppy Campaign -
as the ideal Christmas gift.  Costing only £1 a week, the scheme helps towards the cost of training a puppy to become a Canine Partner and change the life of a person with disabilities.

Supported by Purina PetCare, Adopt a Puppy is a demonstration of how giving a little can go such a long way.  Ideal as a gift or for yourself, those signing up to Adopt a Puppy will be kept updated on how their adopted puppy is progressing through the training programme.  You or your gift recipient will receive an introduction letter, personal adoption certificate, glossy photos and a soft toy puppy.

Purina first chose Canine Partners as their Corporate Charity in 2000.  The
dog and human partnerships the charity enables revolutionise peoples’ lives – physically and psychologically – and demonstrate just how powerful a relationship with a pet can be. This is why Purina is proud to help facilitate this bond by providing all the food for puppies in training, to give them the best start in life, as well as helping to drive forward campaigns that raise awareness of the charity, such as Adopt a Puppy.

One such person benefiting from a Canine Partner is Rachel Benhamou (21) who has cerebral palsy.  'I love Chudleigh to pieces,' says Rachel. 'He's a little rascal, full of boundless energy, and he does wonders for me. People never believe all the things he can do like picking up things I drop and helping me to undress. I wouldn't be able to live my life as I can today without him.'

Isabel Campbell, Director of Fundraising and Marketing at Canine Partners comments, “Adopting a puppy is a great Christmas gift that lasts all year, as well as being a way to regularly give to charity.  We need to train more dogs to help over 300 people with disabilities who are on the waiting list for a Canine Partner.  For only £1 a week, you can help us to continue this work and give people with disabilities the independence they deserve.”

Mary Sharrock,  European External Relations Director for Purina says “Our partnership with  Canine Partners means that we work as one team to understand the charity's  needs and identify where we can best help the organisation to grow and  ultimately to create more canine partnerships in the UK.  This is a clear  example of the way that we do business at Purina.  We call it "Creating  Shared Value".  Our business activities not only benefit our employees  and shareholders, but also create value across society including pet owners,  their families and local communities.  We understand how powerful the  strong relationship and emotional bond that exists between a dog and owner can  be. We also know that when we see and hear from current recipients how we have  helped them to have a trained canine partner which has changed not only their  lives but also the lives of their families it makes all of our employees very  proud our relationship and want to do more.

For further information on Canine Partners, please call 08456 580480 or visit

The true meaning of "Hot Dog"!

 Hot dog

HM The Queen, visits the Animal Health Trust

Queen and her corgisCelebrating 50 years as the charity’s patron, Her Majesty The Queen, spent the afternoon at Newmarket’s Animal Health Trust (AHT) on Thursday 29 October.

During her visit Her Majesty The Queen was updated on the charity’s plans to expand its very successful Small Animal Centre by creating a new state-of-the-art Cancer Centre. This facility will enable the AHT’s cancer experts to treat many more horses, dogs and cats suffering from the disease.

The Centre will offer all three treatment options for cancer - surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy - on one site. It will mean that regardless of the diagnosis, the AHT will be able to offer each and every patient the very best options for their specific case.

Dr Peter Webbon, Chief Executive of the Animal Health Trust, said: “It was fantastic to be able to update Her Majesty The Queen with our plans for the Cancer Centre. To build and fully equip the centre we need to raise £4.5 million. Knowing that Her Majesty The Queen is supportive of our plans should hopefully help us reach this target.”

During her visit, Her Majesty The Queen talked to members of the AHT’s research team receiving progress reports on the charity’s work to develop new diagnostic tests and a vaccine to combat strangles, a virulent horse infection. 

She also met the AHT’s geneticists, to learn about their work developing new DNA tests to identify carrier dogs that carry specific inherited diseases, and also the scientists currently working on the Suffolk horse genetics project.
Dr Webbon, added: “We hope Her Majesty was impressed with the progress we have made in the 50 years since she became our patron. It was great to have the opportunity to update her on several of our areas of work which are so obviously of great interest to her.”
Remote control pet door keeps intruders out


Doggy doors are a convenient solution for pet owners who are away for hours at a time or are too lazy to tend to their animals when they need to go outside.

But the problem with cutting a hole in your door and covering it with a rubber flap is that any petite burglar or curious animal could crawl their way into your home.

The Plexidor Pet Door is an interesting alternative. After installing the mini door, only pets with the compatible RFID chips attached to their collars can enter. The door opens when it detects a nearby chip, which the company assures is waterproof and shockproof.

We wonder how a dog with prior experience testing invisible shocker fences might react to someone attempting to outfit him or her with this collar device. (Yelp!)

But the product seems like a smart solution to a common flaw with doggy doors. Maybe the best part about it, though, is this line from the press release: "It is like having a personalized garage door and electronic opener specifically for your dogs."

There's just something hilarious about picturing a golden retriever waiting patiently while the door creaks its way open.

-- Mark Milian


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