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Archive for February 2009

Sphyx Cats

The first successful breed of the Spynx was born in 1966 and it was named Prune. Prunes line died out without descendants, but in 1967 hairless kittens were rescued in Toronto and they had a long haired mother who was rescued to, two of them were taken to Europe where one of the kittens was bred to Devon Rex. The cat had hairless cats which meant the recessive gene was at the same locus as the Devon gene.

The Sphynx cat is one of the weirdest looking cats! They are hairless cats that are meant to have a texture like chamois leather. It might be covered with very soft thin hair which is described as peach fuzz. Sphynx cats don’t have hair so they usually like to cuddle up to people or animals to keep them warm. Their hair is the same colour their skin. They sometimes have eyebrows present that are whole or broken.

Valentines day!

Its seems that all the pets are feeling romantic for valentines day!

Its coming to that time of the year again!

It's that time of the year again Crufts! The shows are on the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th of march Crufts is an annual international show for dogs and their owners organized by the kennel club the show is held in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. It is the largest annual dog show in the world. The largest competition is the best in show award. Crufts was created by Charles Crust who was a dog biscuit manufacturer the first show ever was in 1886 it had 57 classes and 600 entries. It is estimated that on average there are 28,000 dogs that take part each year and 160 thousand human visitors that attend the show

The BBC always broadcast it every year there are loads of competitions within the show and many different breeds of dog that compete some are very unusual looking!
Good luck to anyone taking part!


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