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Brighton Pride Dog show

On Sunday the 6th of July, as part of the Brighton Pride Summer festival, the ever popular "Companion Dog Show" was held at Hove Rugby Club, in association with the coast way veterinary group.

As well as some of the common dog show contests, such as the Pedigree classes, the Kennel Club Registered event, also had a few "Novelty classes".

These Included a dog fashion show and the following contests:

Waggiest tail                                                

Most handsome dog

Prettiest bitch

Best rescue dog or bitch

Best odd couple

Dog the judge would most like to take home

Best six legs

Owner the judge likes best

Best fancy dress

Dog or bitch that looks most like its owner

For more information on this years pride festival which runs from the 26th July to the 3rd of August and a timetable of events, visit the pride website at:


Top 10 Dog Names From Argos Survey
There are over 6.1 million pet dogs in the UK and Argos Insurance Services  published the top dog and bitch names from its survey of over 20,000 canine names.

Not surprisingly both top dog and bitch names are popular human names. Explains dog psychologist Neil Walker of

"Dogs are very much seen as part of the family and as such owners can give as much consideration and thought to naming their dog as they do they own children."

The Argos survey shows that inspiration for names came from a variety of sources; the survey reports on the top ten names inspired by alcohol and in our celebrity obsessed culture, dogs named for the rich and famous.


1   Max (m)          Molly (f)
2   Charlie (m)    Holly (f)
3   Ben (m)          Rosie (f)
4   Jake (m)         Poppy (f)
5   Barney (m)     Lucy (f)
6   Jack (m)         Ellie (f)
7   Buster (m)      Tess (f)
8   Toby (m)         Meg (f)
9   Jasper (m)     Bonnie (f)
10 Oscar (m)       Daisy (f)
Dogs in Combat....

Several German shepherd dogs are being trained by the SAS to parachute into war zones, such as Iraq and Afghanistan , to help fight the war against terrorism.  The dogs will be parachuted into danger zones, accompanied by soldiers, who will then release the dogs, allowing them to search the surrounding area for insurgents, and possible ambushes.  The dogs will be equipped with miniature cameras, so as to send direct video links to Britain ’s armed forces, who will then be able to evaluate, consequently deciding on the correct actions.   




 It is hoped that this development will save the lives of many servicemen; however, there are some consequences.  The dogs will be in a considerable amount of danger, and many are arguing that this is unfair on the animals.  But is a human life more valuable than that of a dog?

 What do you think? 





English Bull Mastiff hit by mobility scooter

You wouldn’t expect many things to harm an 11st, 6ft tall English Bull mastiff, but Harley the dog lately became the victim of a hit and run incident…By an elderly man on a mobility scooter.  Harley yelped as the scooter hit her on Huntriss Row, Scarborough.  However, the man did not stop, and Harley’s owners Sally Smith and son Joe Kershaw are urging users of mobility scooters to slow down and be more careful.  The dog was forced to limp home, though luckily, was not left with any serious or lasting injuries. 

Hit and Run harley the big bull terrier

Perhaps this incident may prove that a vehicle doesn’t have to be huge or heavy to harm, whether that be pets or even humans.



Sporty Fish!

A man from California has trained his goldfish to master a number of sports, including football, rugby, and even limbo, all of course underwater!  Dr Dean Pomerleau from Los Angeles trained his goldfish Comet to complete a number of tasks, such as slalom, fetching balls, and chasing hoops, all of which eventually led to him playing a number of underwater sports. 

Comet, a two year old common goldfish, has proved to the world that goldfish aren’t as stupid as people assume.  He was taught by using a method called positive reinforcement, where the fish is rewarded with food when he completes a correct action.  A similar method is used when training dogs, by offering dog treats in reward for good behaviour. Here’s a video showing how well Comet completes his activities.  I wonder, are there any other pets who can perform outstanding acts?

Cat survives the post!

Wouldn’t it be great to find something special in the morning post, amongst all the bills and junk mail?  Well that’s exactly what happened this week as a parcel containing a cat travelled 450 miles from south to north Germany.  Owner Gitti Rauch accidentally packaged her cat as she was wrapping presents for family, and did not realise her feline friend had curled up inside the packages for a cat nap.  She didn’t realise the cat; Janosch, was missing until after the parcel had been posted.  Remarkably, Janosch came out of the ordeal unharmed, without even a scratch. 

  Cat gift

I’d much rather receive a cat in the post than the gas bill!

Rebecca White

Does your dog have the woof factor?
The UK’s number one ethical pet food, OrganiPets, has teamed up with Dogs Today magazine and The Milestone hotel to launch the search for a special dog with star quality. Does your dog have the Woof Factor?
Woof Factor!
Maybe your dog has triumphed over adversity, helped a human in need, or enhanced your life in a way you could never have imagined. If your dog deserves an extra special treat, let us know why and we could treat them, and you, to the ultimate pampering experience. One very special dog will be treated to:
  • A celebrity style photo shoot courtesy of Britain’s biggest and best dog magazine, Dogs Today.
  • Nationwide recognition when they become the face of this year’s OrganiPets Christmas treats and have their photograph on the packaging.
  • Being super spoilt, along with his or her owners, to a luxurious weekend of pampering at London’s most exclusive pet friendly hotel – The Milestone.
Situated opposite the stunning Kensington Gardens, The Milestone is a boutique hotel that takes very good care of its canine guests. All pets are treated as VIPs with specially designated services including a tailor made welcome hamper, choice of custom made bed, bathrobes, full room service menu and a ‘do not disturb, pet sleeping’ room card.
And there are runners up prizes too! 2nd prize is a six month supply of delicious OrganiPets treats and 3rd prize is a three month supply.
OrganiPets treats are scrumptious, hypoallergenic and packed full of natural goodness. They are made in Britain from locally sourced ingredients including human-grade organic chicken and are delicately seasoned with organic herbs. For any dog who deserves a treat, OrganiPets is the natural choice.
It couldn’t be easier for you to enter your dog into the Woof Factor contest. Simply log on to to upload a fabulous photo of your four-legged friend and tell us why you think he or she deserves an extra special treat. Closing date for entries is 21st August 2008 so make sure you get your nomination in now!
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