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PDSA celebrates 79 years of free care for pets in Bournemouth


This year, leading veterinary charity PDSA marks 79 years of free care for local pets in Bournemouth.

PDSA first came to the area in 1930 when it opened a service in Boscombe, 13 years after the charity was founded in East London. This was then replaced by the current PetAid hospital, which opened 13 years ago in July 1996 at 70 Castle Lane West
At very busy times, PDSA vet staff at Bournemouth PetAid hospital can see over 75 pets every day and provide over 37,000 treatments every year – from the sick and injured to those coming in for routine appointments and preventive treatments such as vaccinations and neutering.  It costs over £550,000 a year to run Bournemouth PetAid hospital, which is met by charitable donations and voluntary contributions, as PDSA receives no Government or lottery funding for its PetAid services. 

Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Uwe Holz, says: ““With so many pet patients in every day for consultations and operations, life in a PDSA PetAid hospital is always varied and extremely busy.  


“PDSA is extremely proud of its heritage in Bournemouth but all of the work we do is only possible thanks to the staff, our fundraisers and clients - past and present.  Their support has allowed us to treat generations of pets in need and we look forward to continuing our work for many more years to come.”

Some of the more unusual cases seen by staff at Bournemouth PDSA PetAid hospital include a bull dog named Louis who swallowed a golf ball.

After being rushed to PDSA, Louis underwent an operation to remove the ball and went on to make a full recovery. 

To qualify for PDSA registration, pet owners must be receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit and live within postcode areas BH1 to BH20, BH21 to BH25 and BH31.

 For further information about PDSA PetAid services please call 0800 731 2502 or visit 

Taco Bell Dog Dies and Other Famous Departed Pitch Pets

Full story:

 "Yo Quiero Taco Bell!" We all remember that line made famous by an ad for a fast food Mexican place, featuring a cute little Chihuahua. It is with sad news that we report that Gidget, the dog who starred in those commercials, has passed away at age 15. 

Best known for her Taco Bell ads she had a very successful acting career. Gidget played the mother of Bruiser the Chihuahua in the sequel to Reese Witherspoon'sLegally Blonde. In 2002, she appeared in a Geico insurance commercial before settling down. Gidget enjoyed a quiet retirement until the recent stroke that took her life.

In honor of Gidget and her contribution to Hollywood, here is a list of other famous TV pets that are no longer with us:

Morris the Cat
Perhaps the most famous of TV Pitch Pets, Morris has been played by many different cats. The original Morris was found at the Humane Society of Hinsdale, Illinois. Since then it is a rule that all cats playing Morris must be rescued pets. The first Morris is buried in a flower bed of the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Mr. Ed 

The famous talking horse from the 1960's black and white TV show was also a Pitch Pet. Along with his owner Wilbur he helped sell Studebaker cars.

Spuds MacKenzie

Bud Light's original party animal was a Bull Terrier that left us 16 years ago. See story below for cold refreshing details. 


 Many of the UK’s 27 million pets are in for a treat this year as 12 million Brits plan to take their summer holiday on home shores, making it easier for the normally forgotten felines and deserted dogs to join their owners for some summer fun. Leading pet care retailer Pets at Home is warning of the perils of travelling with pets, and has produced a handy travel guide, which includes essential travel products, as well as top tips and advice on how to keep your pets keep cool and happy whilst on the go this summer. Lonely pets

With the recent economic downturn it’s no surprise that more people are choosing to take their jollies a bit closer to home, shunning their usual overseas trip and saving an estimated £3 billion.  

Pets at Home’s Catriona Marshall explains: “The fact that more people are now holidaying in Britain is fantastic for both pets and owners, as they can concentrate on having a good time rather than worrying about their furry friends being in kennels. However, the journey may be stressful as they are not used to it, so every effort should be made to make the experience as safe and comfortable as possible.”

Six Tops Travel Tips:
1.        Never leave your pet unattended in a car.  It can take just minutes for a dog to die from heatstroke and a small animal will suffer even faster.
2.        Give your pet a light meal about 2 hours before you set off on a long journey and make sure they’ve been to the toilet.
3.        If your animal is travelling in a carry box then this must be made of wire mesh. Cardboard boxes trap heat and could kill your pet.
4.        Keep fresh water available on all journeys.
5.        A dog should be restrained by harness or barrier.
6.        Don’t let you dog put his head out of the window; passing vehicles could injure him, his eyes or ears could be damaged by particles in the air or he could try to jump out.

In order to accommodate the needs of our furry companions, Pets at Home’s extensive travel range aims to make the journey more pleasurable for both the owner and pet, from travel crates and harnesses to cooling products and poop bags!

Just like us, pets suffer from travel sickness too. Serene-UM tablets (£6.06 for 30 tablets) are a natural calming remedy recommended for car sickness in cats and dogs and will help to relieve the effects of travel anxiety, stress and motion sickness.

Pets on the move need to have plenty of fresh water as well as as having regular small meals. The Pet Travel Feeding Kit (£7.82) is the perfect way to keep dogs tails wagging and cats purring whilst out and about. With one sealed food container, a feeding bowl, a watering bowl and a carry handle, it is the essential item for any pet going away this summer.  Alternatively there’s a travel water bottle (only £2) with drinking bowl attached, perfect for parched pooches.

Although holidaying in the
UK has many joys, hour-long traffic jams in stifling heat is not one of them, but once the car gets moving, there is nothing that a dog likes more than to hang its head out of the window. The Car Window Vent Safety Guard (£3.99) is the perfect tool allowing pooches to feel the breeze whilst staying safe at the same time. And the Keep Cool Pet Fan (£9.99), which can be easily attached to their travel crate, helps to circulate air.

Catriona continues: “This summer is expected to be extremely hot which means pets are going to need extra care and attention, especially when it comes to keeping them cool and hydrated. Taking them on holiday means the owner has to look after them as they would look after themselves, keeping them hydrated, making sure they are not in the sun for too long and keeping them as cool as possible.” 

You’ve heard of greyhound racing but how about ….Terrier racing?!

Everyone has heard of greyhound racing and some of you might have been to watch a race and placed a bet, but how about terrier racing?

Terrier racing is the new craze to hit the canine world and is becoming very popular up and down the country; it is very noisy and fun to watch. 

Terrier races often consist of a 250m course which can be straight or have bends, some races have small jumps as well.Races normally start with the owners holding them and then letting go or in the more serious races they can start in a gate. The terriers are lured by a soft toy being dragged along the ground and if you know terriers then this will be enough to motivate them to run fast.

There are so many races all over the country, many county fares and shows now incorporate terrier racing into their dog shows now so going racing has never been easier! I guarantee it will be fun for all the family and especially fun for your dog and once you’ve been once you will want to go again!!


Tyson the skateboarding bulldog!!
How many dogs do you know that have their own website, starred in movies and al
so starred in numerous TV adverts? Not many I’m guessing well wait until you meet Tyson!!
Tyson’s rise to stardom was a quick one and one that was made possible by the 
video sharing website Youtube. In the beginning however his owners always thought that he disliked skateboarders and skateboards as whenever he walked along the beach
path he would always go crazy at them.

But this was all about to change on Tyson’s first birthday when he was finally allowed to have a go on a skateboard, Tyson’s natural talent was soon made clear to everyone and his owners quickly realised that they had the next Tony Hawks on their hands.

The bulldog honed his skills in his back garden and Tyson’s owners wasted no time in filming him and then uploading it onto Youtube he was to become an overnightsuccess and since July 2006 has gone onto receive close to 2 million views. This success has led him onto starring in adverts for big name companies like Nikon and appearing on popular TV shows like American Idol as everyone wants to meet this new skateboarding phenomenon. The future for this canine is very exciting indeed!!                 

Questions mount over Michael Jackson animal kingdom

Besides leaving a musical legacy, Michael Jackson orphaned an array of exotic pets with some of them unaccounted for and even his beloved chimpanzee Bubbles depending on donations.

In what was once seen mostly as a harmless eccentricity, Jackson at the height of stardom amassed a private zoo of giraffes, tigers and other foreign animals at Neverland, his sprawling fantasy estate in California.

Nearly all of the animals have been moved to new homes in the past few years as Jackson's personal and financial woes worsened, with animal rights activists saying some have become roadside attractions in uncertain conditions.

Bubbles, once the world's best known ape who slept in the superstar's bedroom and mastered his Moonwalk dance, has lived since 2005 at the Center for Great Apes in Florida, the head of the sanctuary said.Michael Jackson's Animal Kingdom

Jackson did not provide financial support for Bubbles and, despite his stated desire, never visited him there, said Patti Ragan, director of the Center for Great Apes.

"To this date, all donations for his care have come from the Center for Great Ape?s supporters. We depend on donations in order to care for all our animals in need," she said.

An image of Bubbles on the center's website appeals to the public to make donations to care for him and other residents of the sanctuary, designed to provide a natural environment for apes who had been used as performers or pets.

The website, which does not directly mention Bubbles' famous former guardian, described the chimp as having a "broad, handsome face and a lot of charima."

Ragan estimated it cost 16,000 dollars a year to care for each ape, who usually live to be at least 50 years old.

Jackson rescued Bubbles from a Texas medical laboratory where he was bought by Bob Dunn, a Hollywood animal trainer. Jackson returned Bubbles to Dunn after the singer had children, who risk being injured by a large chimp.

Dunn, contacted by AFP, declined comment, saying he was negotiating a deal to speak publicly about Bubbles. The Florida center said Dunn handed to it Bubbles and all his other apes in 2005 when he exited the business.

Dunn was quoted as telling Britain's News of the World tabloid that Jackson thought of Bubbles as "his first child" and regularly visited while Bubbles was in Dunn's California preserve.

While Bubbles remains high-profile, animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said it was hard to track down most of Jackson's former pets.

Lisa Wathne, PETA's specialist in captive exotic animals, voiced particular concern about two of Jackson's orangutans sent to a private owner in Connecticut and reptiles at a roadside zoo in Oklahoma.

She said Jackson's case showed why wild animals should not be kept as pets.

"All too often even people who start with good intentions, as Michael Jackson certainly did, don't have the ability to properly care for these animals," she said.

"And unfortunately in Michael Jackson's case he did apparently run into financial problems that ultimately led to his animals being disbursed to places all over the world. We don't know, frankly, where most of them ended up."

PETA in January 2006 complained to US authorities that animals were being mistreated in Neverland. The authorities inspected the estate's menagerie but found no evidence of abuse or neglect.

Jackson's two tigers, Thriller and Sabu, were taken in at a sanctuary in California run by former actress Tippi Hedren.

The Voices of the Wild Foundation, which runs an animal preserve in Arizona, adopted Jackson's four giraffes along with reptiles and exotic birds. But PETA says the conditions were too cramped for giraffes.

Director Freddie Hancock appealed to Jackson fans to send donations in his memory so that the preserve can adopt more animals.

Hancock had nothing but praise for Jackson, saying he maintained "beautiful facilities" for the animals in Neverland.

"I think he just loved animals. And when you're an individual who loves animals, the animals know that," Hancock said.

For Full Article Click Here (LA Times)

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