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Archive for September 2010

New Pet cremation website

The UK’s leading pet crematorium, CPC, based in Thriplow Heath, Cambridge has launched its new public website,, to allow pet owners access to a more comprehensive, easy-to-use resource that supports and guides them through all of the cremation options available.

CPC’s new website is divided into three distinct sections: saying goodbye, selecting a casket or urn, and remembering your pet. The site guides pet owners through each stage of the bereavement process including the process of cremation, available support and bespoke services for each individual during their time of need.

The CPC website offers a wide range of online resources and farewell options to pet owners. In preparation for the loss of a pet, owners can choose to create an Expression of Wishes document to instruct their veterinary practice of their requirements ahead of when the time comes to say goodbye.

Customers can also purchase memorial products online, from a wide range of caskets and urns, garden memorial plaques and stones, to tribute picture frames and personalised memorial candles, all chosen to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

As a way of remembering their pet, customers can create tributes online and e-sympathy cards as well as download a book of remembrance pack, read a poem from the website and find support through bereavement counsellors.

Duncan Francis, Director of CPC, said: “The website has been designed to work as a support system for pet owners, which will provide them with an extensive range of options and a bespoke cremation service to suit their individual needs. Customers will now have all our products and services readily available to them when their time of need arises.”

• To find out more about CPC, please contact us on telephone 01763 207700, email
[email protected], or visit us at

Your pet could be a star!!

PetLondon is the UKs leading modelling agency for pets the pets needed range from dogs, cats horses, exoctic animals and more! The pets on this agency are often needed of advertisements, film tv and more. Your beauty could become a star overnight so why not sign him her up? 

Any-one can join their pet to our agency. Your pet's profile will then be accessed by lots of agents, photographers and film directors who are looking for animals to use in various assignments. Your pet can expect to earn anywhere between £30-90/hour depending on the nature of the job. You can join your pet in just a few simple steps. There is a small one-off cost to cover our cost of creating your pets online portfolio. This portfolio will include all details about your pet and up to four photographs.

The cost of joining is only £19.99 for a yearly membership and £29.99 for a 3 year membership.

Your very own pet could become the next Cheryl Cole (pet version) so sign them up!

for more information visit the website:

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