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A petsite is where the world can meet your pet and get to know all about it through a selection of fun tools and the latest updated content, bio, photos, diary, comments, and pet relationships - family and friends. A petsite could be described as a central social hub for your pet: it allows any member to browse your pet's entire photo album and diary, post comments for your approval, give treats, and use an array of tools to exchange friendship and knowledge.
As a registered Vivapets member, you may create as many petsites as you wish. We recommend that you create one petsite per pet.
Members can exchange private text messages at any time. You can read and easily manage your messaging history in your account area. Oh, and don't worry about missing anything: we will immediately send you an e-mail whenever you receive a message. You can always choose not to be notified, in your privacy options.
This differs from the megaphone (link) messages, which are broadcast to all of a member's buddies.
Your pets can send any other pet a buddy request, which needs to be accepted by that pet's owner. When accepted, both pets become buddies. This allows you to create your own community within Vivapets, and makes it easy for pet buddies to develop fun relationships and make new friends! By default you will be notified by e-mail when you receive a buddy request - this feature can be switched off in your privacy options.
When you really like a pet, article, etc,  just add it to your favourite stuff and you will be able to quickly check out any updates through a handy shortcut. You can find these shortcuts in your account area or in the QuickLinks™ - that's the little "drawer" gadget at the top of every vivapets page, to the right of our logo - our treat to you.
We love pets, and pets love treats. Show how you feel about them. Give them a treat, there are several to choose from. When viewing any petsite you can see which treats have been given to that pet. You can give out one treat per pet each day to keep it fun and healthy!
You can quickly send an e-mail (or as many as you wish) to a friend with a direct link to the petsite you are currently viewing. Go ahead, show-off your petsite or tell someone about a pet you know they'll love!
Have something to say? Just want to show that you were there? Post a comment on the petsite you are viewing. After approval by the pet's owner, your comment will be available to all visitors. Please keep in mind the general rules of netiquette.
As you have probably already noticed, any photo album on Vivapets is associated with a petsite. When you first create a petsite, you are asked to include (upload) a photo of your pet. This photo will identify your pet throughout the Vivapets global community, and can be changed at any time in your account area. You can, however, add more photos - as many as you like, whenever you want. This is all it takes to generate a photo album for a pet! Photos can be added or removed in your account area, under "edit petsites > photos".
A few technicalities: don't worry about the size of your pictures, we will scale them down for you. If you are on a slow connection, it might be a good idea to upload smaller / lighter versions of your image files (remember to keep backups!). We recommend that you use a maximum of 1 Megabyte per image file for a smooth upload process. The only requirement is that you use images in one of the following file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG.
If you have more than one pet, you can create a petsite for each of them and still keep them all under one roof, whatever the species or breed. This feature allows your pets to always show up together in each of their petsites. Just like home.
What if animals could talk? Now they can! With a little help from a friend, of course. Vivapets makes it easy to share it's activities, experiences, trips, adventures, fun or important facts and thoughts! In short, this is the place to let your pet get social, share and speak out!
Among many other things, our pets award us with unique bragging rights, and it feels good to have others sharing our enthusiasm. That's why your petsites have a space for others to post comments, subject to your approval. Comments are public, any visitor will be able to read them although only registered members are allowed to post, so you will always know where they come from. You will be notified by e-mail when any of your pets receives a comment for approval (you can turn this off in your privacy options).
This are really super-duper, well… special awards!  Unlike treats, special awards have to be earned from somebody who bought them using hard earned Vivas! They range from Super-pet to Diva, and all come with an exclusive background to match.
Pets for adoption receive special attention on Vivapets, being promoted along the site with banners, special icons on the galleries and specific search and filter features so that it’s very easy for someone to browse and find them. This is the best way to maximize their chances of finding a new caring owner!

If you have a pet for adoption just tick the “This pet is looking for a new owner!” option on the bottom of the first step on creating the Petsite. When the pet finds a new home we devised a clever system so that you can automatically transfer ownership of the Petsite to the new owner. Add your pet for adoption now!

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