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A quick glance of your account: vivas, messages, petsites and stats on a few of your favourites.
Choose one of your pets and edit / add / remove anything you like: touch-up the bio, manage photos, add an entry to the diary and manage its history, choose a special background or upload your own. Here you can also choose whether each of your pets allows buddies or not, and turn on a special notice if any of them is looking for a new owner.
This is where the fun begins. Right after you register, you are invited to create your first petsite in a quick 3-step process. A photo and a name for your pet are required. You can immediately start off the album and diary or just publish your petsite and take a look around before you come back to add content.
Buddies can be pets or users. You can manage your sent and received invites, cancel buddies, and even block users if you need to. Note that when you add a pet buddy, its owner will become your buddy too, but removing a pet buddy will not eliminate its owner from your buddy list. User buddy relations are not public, though.
Check out all the treats your pets have received from other members, and all the treats given to others by you.
Also available on your homepage, the megaphone displays messages that are broadcast between buddies. This means that any message you post on the megaphone will be available to all your buddies, but only to them. This section provides easy inbox / outbox management.
Here you can approve new comments and manage those already published on your petsites. Although comments are moderated by each petsite's owner, you can always remove any comment you have posted.
This is your private message center: read and manage your entire messaging history. It is strongly connected to the Vivapets Forums, so you will never miss a thing.
Review your entire collection and easily check for updates on your current favourites. You can specify how far back we should count new items like photos, comments, diary entries and more.
Check your balance and exchange vivas for goodies!
Your general account options and settings. Edit your personal profile, change your password, define privacy options and notification schemes, choose a custom background for your Vivapets experience (you can add your own) and define a global profile for the forum.
You can tailor your homepage to your taste and needs: add, remove and shuffle around what you want to see every time you come back.
Edit, remove or reorder your bookmarks. Remember that the first 9 items on your bookmark list will be available in your QuickLinks, the handy "drawer" gadget at the top of every page.
Review and manage the ads you posted on Vivapets.

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