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Miscellaneous features


Whenever a new petsite from a particular breed or pet is created, the user adds tags to describe the pet's characteristics (ex. Smart, fun, energetic, etc). Vivapets dynamically aggregates this information to display a snapshot , here known as "tagshot", of the breeds most proeminent characteristics according to the collective input from all users.
Vivas! are Vivapets funny-money! You can collect them simply by browsing, contributing and communicating on Vivapets. Each time you add a Pet, write a wiki, a comment and engage in other interactions, you’ll be racking up your Vivas!
You can use them to get things like special treats for your buddies, add-ons for your petsite and other neat stuff we'll be adding in the future.
The pet of the week is the most captivating pet in that week. The most popular petsites are chose, based on several criteria like number of visits. The process is automatic and you don’t need to apply to it. The members have the final word by voting on the pet they like the best. The winner is the pet with more votes, so call your friends to visit your pet and vote for him!

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