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It’s very easy to publish videos on Go to the video section and press the button “Upload video”. To select the video from your computer, press “Browse” and choose the corresponding file. If you have already submitted your video on Youtube, instead of choosing a file on your computer, just copy your video’s link and place it on the “Url” field. If you picked a file from your computer, leave the “Url” field in blank.

Enter a title, a description and tags that fit your video.

To associate the video with a petsite, select your pet on the “petsite” combo box. To place the video on a specific category, select the corresponding section from the combo box. In the family combo box, choose the section that corresponds to the family of your pet.

After pressing “Add” the video will be uploaded. This process can take a few minutes, depending on the video. You can check this process on your account, on the "my videos" section.
On "my videos" section on your account, you can edit the title of the video you submitted and also change or remove the petsite associated to it. To edit a video, press the button with a pencil. Type in the changes and press “Save”.

To delete a video, press on the “X” button and confirm the action.

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