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Advice on Rogue users and Scams

Please be aware of the possibility of scams on this site. Here at Vivapets we do our best to block any rogue users as soon as they are spotted.

So if you notice any site misuse, please help us by reporting it so we can block the user from the site as soon as possible.

There are two common forms of site misuse:

1.) Ad Scams: Beware of these in the classified section

The most common scam is for a puppy to be delivered by a pet courier service once a deposit has been secured into a Cameroon bank account. Once the transaction has been made, the pet never arrives and there is no further contact from the advertiser and no way of tracing them.

The most common scams tend to be found in smaller pedigree lap dogs, such as pugs and yorkshire terriers, plus huskies, African Grey Parrots and Persian cats

 Please read the following advice when following up an advert on the site:

  • Check the prices - Is the price similar to the price of other animals of the same breed advertised? Scammers often under price the "pets" they put up for sale, so to attract more response. Do your research. How much does this breed usually sell for?
  • Be wary of poorly written English, or poorly spoken English over the phone (although there maybe some genuine breeders with foreign accents, or well spoken scammers!)
  • You should always avoid having a pet delivered. It is always best to pick up the pet from their home, and if possible view the animal with both parents and in their living conditions. A responsible breeder will always be happy for you to come to their home and would want to meet the new owners too.
  • If there is no other option but to have the pet delivered, do your research and check out the pet courier service that has been organized and if depositing money, check out where you are depositing it and do it in a secure way so that payment can be redrawn if conditions aren't met.
  • The Scammers commonly use Yahoo email accounts

2.) "Get to know you messages"

Another form of site misuse, are people signing up and then sending "private messages". These often say such things as "I have seen your profile and you seem like a nice person, I would love to get to know you" (even though your profile picture is of your pet!).

Please ignore these messages as it is most likely that they are trying to get money from you in some way. Please send us a message with their username and we will have them blocked.

Best Advice : If your unsure, report it and never send money to an unsecure source.

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